Monday, July 26, 2010

Wait for it...Wait for it...Wait for it

It was quite a weekend.
Full of peace and grace and
hushed halleluiahs deep within my soul.
A homecoming so full of promise, so wrapped in familial care,
it was extraordinary.
Commonplace actions that were uncommon for too many years -
the touch of a hand, a daughters' smile across the room,
easy laughter, trust.
A walk in the park.
We confidently embraced and took those first steps together.
My cup overflows, but that doesn't stop the outpouring.
Sunday brings more good news of New Life in this family
and my heart thrills.
Sunday evening as we sat together at mass
I swear I could feel the Holy Spirit elbowing me,
saying ,"see! SEE!"
Braggin' on God's work!

You cannot rush God's work.
As 7 year old loves to say,
"wait for it...wait for it...wait for it..."
until we are led,
with eyes veiled by our own hands,
to the place of mystery
and the moment arrives.
We drop our hands, look to see-
a colorful drawing,
a dozen kisses,
butterflies in the garden,
a tasty treat,
our bed made,
complete with stuffed animals to cozy in the night,
the shining faces of the ones you love.

Write it on your heart
that the ones you love
are Life's most precious gifts.
~Swedish Proverb

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