Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the eve of THE BIG DAY

I am trying to take a little rest, book in hand,
but truth be told there isn't much rest in my heart.
Tomorrow is a big day - THE BIG DAY.
My thoughts scatter and swirl,
my responsibilities weigh heavily on my shoulders.
Feeling the weight, I sigh my prayer,
 "Help me to carry all of this."
And then in a rush I see you suddenly and clearly,
small girl on the beach with BIG dreams-
looking adorably unusual;
set for the task in your goggles and swim cap,
carrying a rock too big, determined to take it home.
Your little face red under the strain,
 feet kicking up sand, girl on a mission!
Conor and Jessica laughing in disbelief at the sight of you.
 "Look at Katie!"
We turn to look,
and Dad rushes in and swoops up his baby girl, rock and all.
Giggles as you groan out the weight of it together.
We all run in and surround you,
so full of grace in the moment that I can feel it now, here.
You still held the rock but it no longer weighed you down
because someone held you.
Memories bright with the lightness of love.
That rock is likely still among the purple lobelias
that bloomed by our front door in Oceanside.

We don't need it to know this; we have His word
I have made you and I will carry you.--God (Papa)
Isaiah 46:4

Today we will welcome you home; and He will carry us all.

(Thanks to H for sharing; which prompted this recollection)

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