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Here's a story I wrote;
My Family
I love my family.
I have a mom and dad too, and me!
I have a lot of cousins.  I have 73!
I have grandmas.  I have grandpas.
I have aunts.  I have uncles.


I used oranges, a cherry and peanut butter and syrup, with marshmallow eyes to make this fun breakfast!

I painted my new room blue and hid a heart in it. I love it. It is a happy place,beautiful and we made it together, papa, mommy and me.

We had the best house for halloween, very scary, but not too much.

Angel dressed up for Christmas

This makes me smile -

A Song I made up:

you’re my little marshmallow, oooh ooh
you're my little marshmallow OOOH OOH
You're my little marshmallow, oooh, ooh
you're my little marshmallow
with chocolates on top!

you’re my little ice cream, oooh ooh
you're my little ice cream OOOH OOH
You're my little ice cream, oooh, ooh
you're my little ice cream
with marshmallows on top,
and chocolates on top,
and strawberries on top!

you’re my little sweet tooth, diddle-d-do
you're my little cutie pie, diddle-d-do
You're my little sundae, diddle-d-do
and I love you, diddle-d-do-do!

Happy Birth-BABY   (He is SO CUTE!!!)

We went to the zoo and this squirrel let my mom take a picture

A little australian fox.  Isn't he so cute!  I want a chihuahua. 
My friend has one named Lola and she likes me alot.
I have three good names; bow wow, goodness or (I forgot, I'll tell my mom later for you)

Today I made my first holy communion.
I was a little nervous, but mostly yesterday,
so today was good and a lot of fun.

Hedgehogs for Dinner
Hedgehogs for dinner are so fun!  Mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, eggs and olives...and a little canadian bacon for spines!  You really should try them!
Bon Apetit


Pick up your room, my mother says
she says it every day
My room's too heavy to pick up
That's what I always say!

Drink up your milk she says to me,
Don't bubble like a clown
Of course she knows I'll asnwer that
I'd rather drink it down.

And when she says at eight o'clock
you must go right to bed,
we both repeat my answer
Why not go left instead!

Just a cute little monkey...
My grandma and grandpa always send me little packages.  i love how she decorates it with stickers and little notes.
getting something in the mail from them is always so much fun.
Love my new owl cap!

My mom is such a PAPARAZZI !!!
But I do get a kick out of Irish Dance!!!
What would you title this?  leave me a note!
Halloween Cookies - Yum!!!

visiting seattle while mom and I were at oireachtas.   i loved taking pictures.  a lady stopped us and said she liked my confidence, snapping away. 

space needle picture i took

Who are we?

I won!

Grandpa and Grandma came to watch - they are good luck!

Broken Seashells

February 12, 2013
broken seashells
“The beauty of broken bits, treasures found.”

My seashell collection was picked on my moms picturing God blog!  Snaily got here once, too.


Meet Jack, my new puppy! 

Sleeping with his stuffed 'look-alike', awwww

riding my new bike with Jack in the basket


Cizonor said...


I really love the piglets and the pancake. Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are so special.

Conor & Leslie

Cizonor said...

We love your witch costume.

Conor, Leslie & Lukey

Anonymous said...

This is just the sweetest, best blog.


Cizonor said...

So cute, love the hamster! Hilarious!

Cizonor said...

I really like your song. I can picture the hamster singing it along with you, haha.