Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Our daughter is starting over - literally. Not picking up where she left off.
This Saturday is a big day! A beginning.
And to help her we put out word of her need for everything.
Within a matter of days; everything had been given,
by friends and friends of friends, by family and by God!
It was amazing; an avalanche of goodness, of kindness;
years of shared prayer
rising now to stand tall and stretching to see farther down the road.
Prodigals all.
Where once there was an empty space, now there is the comfort of home -
each and every thing given by one who has hoped and prayed and paved the way,
by one who continues to do so, encompassing her within the invisible bonds of love.

I am so touched by the generosity of these folks,
by their own moved hearts and personal response.
I live in and for that kind of christianity -
that kind of faith with a human touch that hopes and perseveres,
that grows into itself each day at God's own promptings.
I needed that today, even more than the new vacuum cleaner,
to clear up the mess that is scattered about me,
to bring peace to the chaos.
Unpacking so many dishtowels...all reminding me of my true mantle;
with those towels so durable and only improved with use;
tossed casually over the shoulder,
ready to soak up the mess of sickness,
dry the spilled tears,
make it possible to handle the scalding pot.
I am not made for the battlefields of sophistry
but for the solid weight of our family table,
a dish towel and a home built by and for love.
Soon we will gather 'round that table;
hold hands, speak grace
thanking God for everything.

And, for everything, Thank you.

These many beautiful days cannot be lived again,
but they are compounded in my own flesh and spirit
and I take them in full measure toward whatever lies ahead.
Daniel Berrigan SJ

P.S.  Maybe she is in some way 'picking up where she left off' so long ago,
Though she is not the same and neither are we,
May she carry the memory of beautiful days past into the newness of today.
May they be a hope and a help along the way.  Amen.

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