Monday, June 14, 2010

The three R's; Basic Skills for Life

I spent yesterday in Rainbow.
I sat with my husband and my daughter who is living at the dead-end
of what I have come to call Resurrection Road.
She is re-learning the basics, and it is something to watch.
And that is what I do...I watch her, not as an impartial or casual observer
but like a husband watches his wife give birth.
There is very little I can do to help in the progress toward this new life emerging,
but my being there is paramount and my engagement is total.
I see her practicing her breathing lessons.
Practicing as she groans out the words with her life;
Repentance, Redemption, Restoration, Renewal.

I am a witness on her behalf.
This is what I see.
She is Radiant in hope,
Refreshed in her own value, dignity, and strength
Re-created in the goodness and mercy of God
and Ready.
She is Reaching out for Relationship,
Rejuvenated in mind and body and spirit,
Eager to make Reparation and Right her ways.

And I pray my R's - the basics that see me through each day
walking with her on Resurrection Road, in trinitarian form.

Rely on God. Reach out. Reconcile.

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