Monday, June 7, 2010

Companion of mine

I awoke in the night.
The clock’s blue glow casting everything into dark silhouettes.
Even the man in my bed-
I laughed the minute I thought it – like some strange surprise.
“There’s a man in my bed!”

But in the darkness I knew the shape of the head, those ears,
The way the sheet is tucked over his shoulder.
How he sleeps always on the edge of his pillow, never in the middle,
And the growling and whistling sounds he makes in his sleep.

His breathing, even at rest, so much faster than mine.
I have tried to catch his rhythm before but we are not the same.
Yes, I know this man.  I love this man.

We have been together some 40 odd years now (read that however you like)
This familiar stranger who is my companion in life.
Companion in mystery who breaks bread with me, keeps my company,
and rests me assured in the middle of the night.

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