Friday, June 4, 2010


At 6 she has begun her first diary - and written all over it
Then she gives it to me to read...all but one page.
Her secret page.
I read that she likes dogs.
I read that she loves mommy and papa and see she has drawn us 3 there.
I read she likes ice cream and the names of her friends.
I thank her for sharing the pages with me
and tell her "I like her".
She goes back to her writing and drawing.
Time passes and she quietly returns.

"Here is my other page, mommy.  You can read it."
I take it like a small live bird, carefully & gently.
I read it.
"My mom and dad KISSED."
I kiss her then, and smile.
Thank her for sharing it with me.
"It's ok," she says, "we have BIG LOVE."


jess said...

380 - Fine Young Cannibals and Elvis Costello
(the soundtrack of the summer in the house with the black and white kitchen floor where my Mom and Dad KISSED BIG TIME... that was the summer of LOVE)

jess said...

My bedroom was covered ceiling to floor in hearts and my poor little sister was smothered in girlish frills and loving kisses - now she's the kisser and hugger and I say "ok, ok, I love you too" as I wipe my cheek off and think enough of that kissing stuff. From now on I'll embrace her akward kisses and be thankful for those years she was "my baby", so cute and soft, and I got to pet her and kiss her and play with her and drive her crazy! Ah, that summer of love...