Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been asked to share on trust with a group of moms from my parish. 
I have pondered and prayed and prepared. 
I keep mumbling to myself that TRUST is a lesson I am learning
more than I know how to teach. 
Learning to trust God who is Good - all the time - as we say.
I have learned my lessons on a long hard road of trust,
and today I can see how Gods own hand has held me.  
I have a simple prayer when I see like this...
see God present in my blessings and my need,
when Gods love is tangible, recognizable, enlightening. 
It is simply "Hide this in my heart Lord." 
I retreat there for recollection,
and review the long list of graces to encourage this sometimes weary heart. 
I am here in the dark, the morning light just breaking in -
light from the window on my shoulder as I sit, coffee in hand, praying in its comfort. 
And I am overcome with Gods goodness. 
How profoundly God has been (and is) present,
especially when the circumstances have seemed to insist on Gods absence.
I have glimpsed the hidden work of God, grace in a soul,
the slow transformation that cannot be forced, the unfolding in Gods time. 
In my own lived experience, as my fear and worry,
my sorrow and confusion have grasped the hand of hope,
have insisted in faith on the promises of God hidden from my eyes,
I have come to trust.  God has smiled on me! 
I keep crying, overcome with good-ness, with Gods fidelity and mercy. 
My spirit rejoicing in God, my savior! 
Back to the preparations at hand, I see the title for my talk today -
taken from Mother Teresa
"I know God won't give me more than I can handle...
I just wish He didn't trust me so much!" 
My instinct is to duck and cover, but then I laugh out loud.
Ok Lord, I'm yours.  Again.

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