Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh mama

7 year old sings and I listen.  She sings her heart...sings it to my heart.
Last weekend, she sang this...accompanied by 31 year old(est) daughter.

My heart thrilled at their lovely duet, with their joyous melody,
regaled with laughter & poise,
playfully performed in funny hats and rock-star sunglasses.
7 year old wrote down the lyrics so they could practice
and this paper lying on our kitchen table all week gave me pause.

What does my life speak to those dearest ones whose lives are on such intimate terms with mine?
What is it I want my children to see...
It is all here in her song, and I am grateful for its affirmations, read between the lines. 

Be a mama (metaphorically)
  • Give and receive. Nurture life. Love with generosity and sacrifice, knowing they  (whomever God has given you to hold) are a part of you always.
  • Cooperate creatively in shaping the world, from the world in your heart & head to the world that gifts itself to you.
Get your hands dirty
  • Kneel down. Plant something. Watch it grow, tend it, learn its lessons as each season comes.  Realize how much and how little you can do. Be humble, from humus; stay grounded.
Accept and honor your beauty
  • Smile. Enjoy the gift of life God has given you. Be you.
Tell those you love that you do
  • Touch them, speak love, take the time.  Let them know they are your ‘favorite thing’.
Be kind
  • Honor the fragility and tenderness of the human heart. Honor God’s life in your soul, which is also in everyone.
Be helpful
  • Lend a hand. Leave space in your life to reach out a hand.  Accept help too, let others help you.
Fall in love
  • Stay in love. Choose your mate carefully, and then with wild abandon and full commitment give them the gift of yourself. They will be, as the original Hebrew translation in Genesis says of that first marriage, your ezar kenegdo, or a strength opposite you, a power facing you, a rescue that looks you in the face.  They will know you, love you and help you become fully & gloriously & maddeningly yourself.
  • Let words fail you. Allow yourself to be amazed.  Witness to wonder. Let life astonish you. It will make you grateful, which makes all the rest possible.

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