Monday, August 2, 2010

Today You will be with Me in Paradise

We went to the nursery today -
After feasting on Tom's tomatoes
I was craving a plant of my own.
7 year old wants carrots that she can actually pull up from the ground.
So we pick out a small tomato plant and a packet of carrot seeds.
She chooses a carrot stake - with personality -
so that they will be really good, happy carrots.
She wonders aloud why the bees are so busy today.
and the lizards, baby iguana's in her mind,
are everywhere.
(She saw the photo of me, ages ago,
trying to be cool while terrified,
with an Iguana on my shoulder
while vacationing in Mexico, and is ever since intrigued)
We come home and play in the dirt,
she knows why the tomato likes to live in it's tower-
climbs inside to show me how it holds you up.
We make a mess together, get our hands dirty,
water our lives with quiet joy
plant some promises as we bend down
the sun on our backs
then stretch up tall, take it all in
look forward to the harvest,
watch the yellow butterflies dance among the flowers.

Today, our humble garden was easily confused with Paradise.

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