Saturday, August 7, 2010

Prudence and Bravery

7 year old has learned how to climb a doorway.
Do I want to see?
But of course.
Give me a minute she says…
And disappears into her room.
I hear drawers and doors,
footsteps to the garage and back,
Things being dragged from the bathroom.
After a good amount of time and a lot of activity
she proclaims herself ready!
She has put on every pair of underwear she owns
Her ‘biggest’ shorts over them all.
Another pair of underwear she found is on over those
Her nightgown
Her sweatshirt
Her swim goggles, the big ones
And her bicycle helmet
She has dragged out the bathroom towels
and placed the rug over them for padding
should she slip and fall.
Then, in an act of ready bravery,
she climbed to the top and shined!


Oh there is wisdom there.

1 comment:

Cizonor said...

This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I can't believe I missed it before.