Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finding your happy place

We were at Disneyland for my birthday celebration - 3 days of fun with just the 3 of us and at the end of the last day as we boarded the shuttle back to the hotel and sunk with satisfied exhaustion down on the seat, a young father with a toddler in his arms climbed the stairs and came to sit behind us.  As soon as they got on board his little one started with incredible vigor and enthusiasm to ask "We going to Grandmas house now?", "We going to Grandmas house now?", over and over while his dad kept saying (in that weary end of a day spent surrounded by a gazillion toddlers all a bundle of imaginative expectation and fear as they encounter Mickey, Buzz and Snow White voice)...no...not now...we just finished Disneyland.
I was so touched by his joy, that after having spent his day and his energy in 'the happiest place on earth' he could rally such unbridled eagerness for 'Grandma's house'.  And I found myself praying, with a hand over my heart... "Make me a Grandma like that!", "Make me a Grandma like that!" 
I hope somehow that Daddy let Grandma know how she topped them all for being 'the happiest place on earth!'

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