Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lucas Grey

Here he is – just fresh among us!
Born a little after 10pm April 9th
by cesarean - 9 lbs 3 oz
As you can see he is beautiful!
Very rough on his poor mother
but she is ok, thanks be to God.
She definitely sacrificed for his sake!
I’ll let them tell the story,
but for bravery above
and beyond the call of duty
she gets the gold medal!
As our son put it,
it was the worst day
and the best day of his life!
7 year old was SO excited to be there
she said, as she fell asleep
on the way home
waaay past her bedtime,
she wasn’t sure it was worth
spending all that time
until she saw him
and he was SO CUTE!
She is quite smitten!
We got to watch his whole little examination,
how he quieted as soon as his Daddy took his little hand
(actually he has very big hands and feet –
like a puppy his Dad says!)
first diaper, the works...
what a precious moment seeing my son meet his son. Wow.

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