Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Forward

Lent means Springtime...What will you plant?


I love Springtime, and the smell of wet earth as I turn it over and plant my little bits of hopefulness. 
Small violets are blooming now, yellow buds brighten the tomatoe vine, and the tiniest shoots are just breaking through.  I plucked the new lettuce bright green and purple and remembered France.  My garden is a happy chaos, not organized traditionally but flowers and vegetables growing side by side, sharing space in such a way that I have to sift through flowers to pick the lettuce.  I am not so much a gardener as I am a child playing and wanting it all.  Common gardening wisdom tells me that won't work, my garden will not flourish, but it does...just enough wild blooms, just enough green vegetables, a few carrots with their earthy crunch to satisfy this hungry soul and the ones who join me at table. It is just like tending my soul.  No neat rows, life spilling over into life, all of it here.  It's daily surprise makes me happy.  What more could I possibly ask? 

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