Friday, February 25, 2011

My first movie experience

I stumbled upon this clip and realized that Bambi was the first movie I ever saw.  Or at least the first that I recall with clarity.  I loved Thumper, who was my instant favorite and I knew the lessons his mother taught, just like my own!  I remember 'flower' and being delighted that a stinky skunk would have such a sweet name. Saw a kindness there that touched me even then with the power of a word to change everything.  And I remember the horror that such bad things could happen and how much it frightened me.  This memory brought another, of my mom holding me secure even as I watched in the kind of confused terror unique to childhood.  We both cried at that movie.  Bambi was my first clear realization that I needed someone to count on that was BIG - BIG ENOUGH, someone GOD-SIZED!  I remember lying in my bed and  praying earnestly for the first time that such things as men with guns and fire would not come to our house.  Today as I watched this clip, I was moved to pray again to that BIG-ENOUGH GOD for all those children whose nightmares are real.  And I found myself all the day long "saying something nice".  Thanks mom.

(Be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the page before starting the video clip)

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