Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

We just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary,
feasting around the kitchen table with our 7 year old
at the end of her first day in 2nd grade,
celebrating with candles and right out-of-the-oven
crisp/soft bread (our own personal heaven),
scampi and fresh lemons, a bottle of wine & a slice of cake from C & L.
After dinner, we played 'give us a clue-what does it do'?
laughing in the living room when Papa gives us this clue;
He makes you happy!
7 year old shouts - GOD!, but he says no....
I shout - Santa Claus!, but he says no...
He gives us another clue;
He fulfills you! (emphasizing the fill, like a televangelist)
7 year old shouts - Jesus!, but he says no...
7 year old shouts - The Spirit!, but he says no...
We are interrupted by a phone call from friends
wishing us happy anniversary (in song no less)
when it dawns on us, and we shout - The Cake Boss!!!!
YES!!! as we erupt in giggles.
It was a funny sequence, as husband and wife exchanged knowing glances,
recognized the surety of what makes us truly Happy.
God, in Christ - the spirit at work, generosity incarnate,
Christmas, family affection, and the delight of moments shared
in constant amazement, huddled together on the couch.
The simple truth is very little is needed to make a happy life.
Counting our blessings, so evident this day.

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