Friday, May 7, 2010

Just a quick call

A quick phone call this morning and viola! my Mother’s Day plans are made – dinner at 6:00 in Old Town. Outdoors, in the garden, my special request. Jessica takes charge and I delight in her enthusiasm and wily ways! The place they chose, newly dear to us since last October when we celebrated the rehearsal dinner for my son’s marriage to lovely Leslie there.
One quick phone call was all it took. All day, I was accompanied by the memories rekindled of love so tangible and easily expressed, so alive and full of promise. The gentle good humor of Jessica and Henry, the uncontainable delight of Conor and Leslie, the ripe sharing of it all with my own mother there, the exchanged glances (and affectionate squeezes) my husband and I enjoyed, the easy camaraderie of this wild mix of family and friends, the children happy to be at such a party where love and laughter ruled the day…these recollections were my companions as I planned 2 funerals, celebrated the May crowning, met with a family in need, picked up our first-grader and her little friend to spend an afternoon playing at our house, cooked and chored and got all my Martha’s done. I sit down here now and realize my ping-pong day was another ruled by love and laughter. What holds our thoughts shapes everything.

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